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Bakliwal Foundation, is registered under The Bombay Public Trust act, 1950 on April 2010 with the objective of serving to the people in need without any discrimination in the name of caste, class or creed. The Trust was formed by a group of individuals who have committed to render relentless service towards the development of the disadvantaged. The Trust is much interested in engaging itself in development of self-help groups, women and child welfare and bringing about a change in their lifestyle. Thus the Trust had concentrated on Skill training, Basic Education, Health care Environment awareness, Self-employment and leadership training for women.

Bakliwal Foundation, is functioning with a “Vision” to uplift the downtrodden people since from its inception in the year. Bakliwal Foundation is motivated to serve the un-served and the underserved.

Our programmes are based with Education / Healthcare / Women Empowerment / Care of Children and Abandoned Women / Physically / Visually Challenged and Senior Citizen and Single Women. In addition to the above we are focusing on environment / ecological development and national integration.

Bakliwal Foundation, is one such initiative that aims to provide quality education and equal opportunities to all the sections of the society. Our mission is to enrich and empower every section of the society on various socio-economic aspects of life like education (basic and higher), healthcare, road & safety etc.

Since its inception, education has been one of the key focus areas. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in enrolment in schools, but quality in education and achievement of age-appropriate learning levels have remained an elusive goal. Ensuring overall education for children, especially health, social awareness is the central goal of the Foundation. Further, age and grade appropriate learning in curricular areas such as language, mathematics and development of 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, use of technology and collaborative learning are central to the Foundation’s vision.

Bakliwal Foundation has also seeded institutions for child learning and higher Education like Wonderkids and Bakliwal Foundation. Furthermore, the Foundation provides individual scholarships to assist students under its Individual Grant Programme for Education.