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1) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Here are some organizations for B.Com graduates where graduates can gain entry after the completion of their bachelor’s degree are: Banking, Business Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Investment Banking, Public Accounting Firms, Treasury and Forex Department, Merchant Banking….

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2) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Various companies offer good salary packages to BBA graduates. Salary is not an issue for the candidates who have good leadership, decision-making skills, enthusiasm and a good academic background….

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3) B.A – Civil Services

Civil Services are filled through Civil Service Examination (CSE) conducted by UPSC. The most popular services are Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS)….

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4) B.A – Travel & Tourism

The course is specially designed to position the graduates as: Market Manager, Travel Consultant, Sales Representative, Customer Relationship Manager, Sr. Operations Executive, Outbound tour Executive, Asst. Sales Manager, Tele Marketing Executive, Travel and Tourism Manager….

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5) B.Sc – Hospitality Studies

The course is specially designed to position the graduates as: Hospitality Executive, Catering Officer, Hotel Manager, Field Supervisor, Cabin Crew Hostess/Host, Marketing Manager….

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