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INTERNATIONAL TIE-UPS & COLLABORATIONS always strives to provide its students a cutting edge in education not only at state and national level but at international level too. We have plans for both academic and technical collaboration with the International Universities for mutual exchange programs. This association will also be strengthened through formal scientific collaborations and student and exchange programs.


The schools will be constructed in a vast area of land to meet the needs of young minds of the 21st century. We have initiated the task of setting up a INTERNATIONAL BOARD SCHOOL (IBS) which will offer day-schooling from K-12. The atmosphere in these schools will stimulate leadership qualities in the children who are shaped into individuals of purpose with integrity, character, discipline and social conscience. Using the modern audiovisual equipment, emphasis is given on a stress free education that kindles the love for learning in the students.


This is a move to ensure the quality of education offered in our institutions is as per industry standards. Education plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Therefore The NAAC Committee has been set up to assess the performance as per the set parameters of NAAC agencies which will grade our academic excellence across India.


We understand the current industry needs hence we intent to be Autonomous in future so that institutions can develop high standards of curriculum based on the current need of the industry. The intellectual teams of our institution are well equipped to introducing new course with unique teaching methodology which can bridge the gap between institute & industry.


Online learning has been on the rise in recent years, we intend to start eLearning courses which are very popular and can be delivered via online facilities at any corner of the globe. These online courses will suit to learner for whom the time, travel & money is a major challenge and can be simplified via single log in to the virtual campus from their own home or office.


We understand that children with special needs have equal rights to education. In fact, with this aim we are planning a school with special education programs were these students can receive the education they deserve! We will to provide students with identified disabilities specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs so that they develop to their fullest potential.